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The Biology Club is open to all majors and minors.  Our goal is bring out the fun in biology.  Activities and meetings are open to everyone and have both fun and educational aspects.  We want our members to get something out of the club, whether it's a research opportunity they'd never heard about or even meeting another student with whom you could buddy up in class. 

Please contact us with anything you would like to do or think the club should get involved in. We do not require dues to be paid and we support all of our activities with fundraising done by club members.  If you can't make it to the meetings because of another conflict, we can email the information from the meetings to you.  Just send us your contact information by using the following form:

Name and Email Address:     e.g.   Joe Smith ( 

Contact the Biology Club for more information at:


Looking for βββ, the Biology Honor Society?


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