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Migrant Program


Admissions Process:

CAMP will assist you in the application process.  If you have questions during the process, please contact Eduardo Huerta Soto through e-mail or call (607) 434-3393.

Do not submit your application directly to SUNY Oneonta Admissions.  Complete all pieces of the application and mail to:

Eduardo Huerta Soto,
College Asssitance Migrant Program- C.A.M.P.

111 Wilsbach Hall

SUNY College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY 13820

Once you have completed all pieces of the application, COPY IT and keep it in a safe place.  Then, submit to Pathy Leiva.  Once all pieces of your application are received, it will be reviewed. 

Items to be completed:

  1. Meet eligibility requirements for CAMP.  Review eligibility at: Eligibility
  2. Complete the CAMP Application
  3. Contact your Migrant Education Program for a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) if you are a migrant applicant, or if applying under the seasonal /temporary qualification, have the farmowner/supervisor complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. (contact us for paperwork) 
  4. SUNY Application, once you submit the application, fill out the SUNY Supplemental application.
  5. Two (2) letters of recommendation.
  6. A copy of your social security card and/or permanent residency card.
  7. A copy of your parent(s)/guardian(s) most recent income taxes (if filed)
  8. If you apply as an EOP student, fill the EOP Supplemental Application and write the EOP essay.
  9. If you believe you are not eligible for EOP, or can apply regular admissions, please complete the CAMP Family Financial Questionnaire.
  10. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and HESC (state funding).
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