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The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) has existed since 1972 with many programs across the United States. Since its inception, the programs has achieved a stunning success rate.
In the 1998-1999 academic year, 88 percent of all CAMP students successfully completed their first year of college. Overall, nearly three-quarters of all CAMP students graduate with baccalaureate degrees.

1967 - Educational Systems Corporation, a private educational research company, developed the original CAMP concept for the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), which was created as part of the Johnson Administration's War on Poverty.

1972 - The first CAMP grants were awarded to:
Adams State College in Alamos, Colorado
California State College in San Diego, California
Pan American University (now University of Texas Pan American) in Edinburg, Texas, Saint Edward's University in Austin, Texas.

1980 - CAMP was transferred to the newly created Department of Education (ED).

1993 - HEP and CAMP projects received
their first five-year grant award, previously grants had to be renewed annually.

1995 - President Clinton submitted a budget proposing zero funding for HEP and CAMP. The decision spurred outrage from migrant education advocates who spearheaded a campaign to save the programs. As a result, the Congress agreed that the programs were a necessary and vital investment in the future, and funds were appropriated for the 1996-1998 grant years.

1999 - CAMP was included as part of the Clinton Administration's "Hispanic Education Action Plan." The programs received their first significant funding increase since the early 1980s.

2000 - 8 new CAMPS were added.

2001 - Another record funding year for the programs enabling the Department of Education to add 10 new CAMP projects, including the CAMP at SUNY College at Oneonta.

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2002 - Program funding was increased.

2005-End our first 5 years serving students in New York State through SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Oneonta.

2005-2006-New year begins with new funding and new students.

2010-2011-Third Cycle of our Grant- 5 more years of students.