College Assistance Migrant Program


          CAMP provides an array of services that help alleviate the pressures a freshman can experience.  CAMP services include assistance with academics, personal and financial aid counseling.  CAMP will assist all candidates in completing their CAMP application, admission and financial aid forms.

          Financially, CAMP will assist each of our students in applying for all available grants, scholarships, and/or government school loans. In addition to a $1,000 scholarship, CAMP provides a weekly stipend to help cover basic expenses.  CAMP provides all freshman with the textbooks and supplies they need for coursework, either through the bookstore or our lending library.  At the end of every semester, the books are returned to the CAMP library for use by other freshman or by upperclassmen.  As long as you have returned your textbooks as a freshman, you have access to the lending library to reduce the cost of textbooks throughout your college career.  Freshman transportation costs will be covered for breaks, holidays, and emergency travel.  CAMP provides financial assistance to take non-traditional courses, the supplies that accompany them, as well as, admission to campus sponsored events.  

          CAMP provides an Academic Tutor who focuses on educational tutoring and academic planning.  The Education Specialist also works cooperatively with professors to help insure the student’s success.  Students schedule one-on-one sessions to address academic needs and, if more help is needed, they are referred to other experts on campus.  Several times during the academic year, each student will meet with their professors to complete an academic assessment.  This process provides the student with an indication how they are progressing in the class, and assists the CAMP Education Specialist in meeting the student’s needs. 

          CAMP provides an Advisor to support and assist students as they adjust to college life.  Visits with the counselor occur in both an individual and group setting, providing our students with personal, extracurricular, and life skills guidance. The counselor acts as a liaison for our students with campus clubs and organizations, and facilitates the development of a support system to improve study and social skills.

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