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CAMP students were  recognized on APRIL 29, 2009 at the LEAD Recognition Ceremony.  Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) is a comprehensive leadership program which is based on current research and the standards produced by the Council for Advancement of Standards.  LEAD informs students about their many opportunities to develop as leaders and assists them in pursuing leadership opportunities in an intentional way. The program  recognizes their leadership accomplishments.  Each level builds onto the next.  The three levels of recognition are Platinum, Gold, and Silver. 



PLATINUM - Sabrinna Brown (right), Oneonta, NY
SILVER - Lorena Figueroa (left), Davenport, NY,  
SILVER -  Jeremiah Griswold
(not pictured) Stamford, NY


Two students were inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)  on April 26, 2009
ODK is a  National Leadership Honor Society and membership is considered a mark of distinction. The students are pictured below.

Sabrinna Brown - Oneonta, NY
Lindsay Moore - Fort Ann, NY    

Four students were selected to participate in the State College at Oneonta Leadership Institute- March 21, 2009 .  Those students were:

Liza Hendricks - Milford, NY
Diana Chavez - Geneva, NY
Sabrinna Brown - Oneonta, NY
Lorena Figueroa - Davenport, NY

Sabrinna Brown with  Dr.Kleniewski, College President

Lindsay Moore with
Patti Hanley, CAMP Director

Three students participated in the annual Student Fashion Society  Spring Fashion Show-March 21, 2009. 

Alison Kiraly Fashion major showed her line of couture.  Alison has been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for Fall 2009.  Two students were models in the fashion show and those students were:
Minaya and Sabrinna Brown

Students recognized at the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP ) Academic Achievement and Graduate Reception, April 30, 2009

EOP Honor Scroll recipients-(Semester GPA 3.00 higher) - Spring and Fall 2008 Chi Alpha Epsilon-National Honor Society

Sabrinna Brown, Graduating senior, Honor Scroll, OSP
Jeremiah Griswold, Graduating senior, Honor Scroll
Michael DiOrio, Honor Scroll
Cara Furner, Honor Scroll, OSP,
Lucas Hall, Honor Scroll, OSP, Highest Cumulative GPA
John Lara, Honor Scroll, OSP

Office of Special Programs Achievement Award (OSP)  recipients                        (Cumulative GPA 3.00) -Fall 2008, Spring 2008

Lindsay Moore, Honor Scroll, OSP
Cassidy Norton, Honor Scroll
Franly Rosario, Honor Scroll, OSP
Renee Scarinzi, Honor Scroll, OSP
Gretchen Schwalbach, Honor Scroll
Ridge Thomas, Honor Scroll

  L-R top: John Lara, Lucas Hall, Jeremiah Griswold,
  Franly Rosario
  L-R seated - Cassidy Norton, Lorena Figuoera,
  Lindsay Moore, Sabrinna Brown, Liana Minaya


JANUARY 23, 2009


NEW YORK CITY TRIP - March 21, 2009



FLEISCHMANNS DOCUMENTARY - Field Trip-April 19, 2009

Students attended a screening   of a documentary by Jessica Vecchione entitled "Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns.- An Immigrant Community in Rural America." a film about the Hispanic immigrant population in Fleischmanns. 
Three minute trailer:




Patti Hanley- Director
Thelma Apicella-Program Assistant
Rick Jagels- Education Specialist
Pathy Leiva-Recruiter


Book donations for our Books For Books are always appreciated.  Donated books are sold and the money used for books for upper class students and our Lending Library.