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Taken as: an injection, in tablet form, or transdermal patch,
this is the primary hormone used by men (MTF) to develop physical female characteristics Usually administered by injection, but also available in a cream, this is the primary hormone used by women (FTM) who wish to acquire male physical characterics.
Estradiol 17b Hormone [Female hormone]            Testosterone [Male hormone]        

In their crystalized forms as seen through a Scanning Electron Microscope

"Born, never asked."

When you were born the doctor that delivered you didn't look at your sex organ and declare - "It's a female!" or "It's a male (your biological sex)," they instead stated what gender role you will have to conform to, that has been established within the dominant culture, by proclaiming, "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!"

But people are not totally female or male; they are a complex mixture of both sexes. There is NO such thing as "the totally 'female' female or the totally 'male' male." We, to one degree or another, have characteristics of both sexes. How many times have you heard a person tell someone that they have their mother's eyes or hear someone tell her or his son that he has his father's dimples or tell someone that they have a personality trait of she or he's parent of the other sex? That's because that person shares traits of both sexes. You also share traits of both of your parents also!

Well, there are many "no so noticeable" traits that are shared. Some of these traits are "internal traits" (in bones and organs) and some of these traits can also be psychological (even a person’s brain can have feminine or masculine traits). That is, a person’s brain can possess, to some degree, the “wiring’ of the other sex. These mental (personality) traits, as noted above, are not so visually apparent to other people and many times are so strong the person who experiences these traits associated with the other sex feels naturally compelled to act (perform) in accordance to these unique traits. Instead of the traits society has declared “proper” for their particular sex and which have been based upon their appearance.

Genes are indiscriminate; they can affect any part of your body. In fact, there are many who have very strong physical characteristics of both sexes, they known as "Intersexed" and “Hermaphrodite.”

This condition, known as "Transgenderism," has existed in all cultures since the dawn of civilization. In fact, there are records dating back to 3000 B.C. that show many Roman leaders were Transgenderists, and so also were many Egyptians. Historical research indicates that Transgenderism may, not only be a psychological condition or of necessity during times of a crisis in an era but also a popular trend or fashion which frequently resurfaces throughout history. In fact, many people today are under the misconception that changing one's sex or gender is a sin because it's mentioned in the bible. The truth of the matter is that, like many other writings in the bible, Transgenderism (dressing as a Woman) was an act performed by enemy soldiers to enable them to easily slip into a Harem and rape the women (and sometimes the men).

It is referenced in the bible as a law (of that time) that was created to prevent such rapes! As for Women who wish to be men, there are no biblical laws to address this issue at all. probably due to the little value women were given in society at that time.

In fact, history is filled with records of women dressing as men for reasons ranging from wanting to be soldiers to women seeking employment in traditional male roles.

Within the last century a few cultures, including American, have developed this immature attitude about sex and gender, this "either/or" way of categorizing things (dichotomy) and have, until only recently, insisted (through bigotry, discrimination, and oppression) that "people born with a vagina have to act and look one way and people born with a penis have to act and look another (perform a specific gender role)."

All people are born with a varying degree of physical and psychological traits of the other sex and therefore should be permitted to act (perform) in ways of the other sex, or actually change their biological sex (realign their gender with their biological sex) from that which they've been so immaturely and naively assigned by their culture. That is, they should be able to "transcend" the sexes or genders without having to endure any consequences by their culture.

Today, Transgenderism is becoming more apparent and once again acceptable as people living in this "information revolution", mainly the Internet, are becoming more aware of the phenomena and are beginning to realize they were brought up never being told the truth or whole story about the facts of life.

Why not? Because their immature and naive culture either did not think such matters should be mentioned or taught to their children (institutionalized discrimination) or that anything outside of what their culture (hegemony) practiced were unnatural and deviant behaviors and that such people who practice these unnatural and deviant behaviors should be scorned and punished.


Transcendence of the Sexes

On any given day, you've probably seen or met a Transgendered or Transsexual woman or man and didn't even realize it. Perhaps she or he was the person standing ahead of you in the check-out line or perhaps she or he was the person you watched crossing a street. You may have even held a door open for a transsexual woman at one time or another, sat next to a transsexual man at a diner, or even passed a transsexual as she or he entered a restroom. The two of you may have even made eye contact!

Well, as I said, you actually met a Transsexual person and were totally unaware that you did! And no matter how close you may have been in proximity to the person you just didn't get any signals from her or him that gave you any indication that differentiated that person from any other person you have ever met. So, why didn't you notice anything unusual?

"It is because the person you saw or met has finally realized who they really are, have taken steps to be who they feel they are supposed to be, and through "transition," now feel quite natural and comfortable with their current state of mind & body."

"How many of you can say that about yourselves?"

Despite their archaic portrayal on Internet porn sites and carnival-like talk shows, like Jerry Springer. . . THEY ARE NOT FREAKS, Nor, are they psychotic! They are a unique people that have faced the greatest and most challenging, if not a most traumatic experience a person may have to face. It begins as a whisper from deep within constantly telling them nature has made an error!

That despite the social environment in which they were raised, they are being forced to act a role they feel is totally unnatural to them; a role they have absolutely no interest in playing, a role that totally contradicts their deepest feelings, beliefs, and desires.

This whisper is constant, and it grows louder and occurs more frequently throughout their life. And what is this voice whispering?


Kim Harloff - 2003

Hormones change: Skin, eyes, hair, breasts, odor, fat distribution, emotions, nail density, sensitivity to smell and taste, and even can rewire your brain. Surgery can change most of the rest including facial feminization and bust size!   Hormones will permanantly lower your voice, increase muscle mass, increase your sex drive, and make you more aggressive. Surgery can remove breasts and create an almost totally functioning penis!

There are 5.6-billion people living on this planet. Of these 5.6-billion people, only 12-percent of them use the Internet. Of these people 56% of the United States population is Online as of 2001. That is 126,800,000 ...and rising on a daily basis!

August 5th, 2002: Sex vs. Gender... A CBS News Blunder!

How misinformed is the public about sex and gender and where do these misunderstandings originate?

On the CBS news this morning there was a story about how it is now possible to select the gender of an embryo. Had CBS allowed a medical expert to produce the story the expert would have correctly stated that the sex of an embyro can be determined, not the gender.

As you will learn through this web site's many readings, gender is how you act (like a woman or man), not what is not or is between your legs at birth!

Believe it or not!
Only 52% of white American males are truly heterosexual!
That is because a lot of us are composed of charastics of both sexes.    Source:Kinsey Report

"If all Men are Lesbians trapped in a man's body...and all Women are Gays trapped in a Woman's body,
then some of us have found the way out!"

Answers to questions about sexuality that Americans are afraid to talk about!

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