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Local Positions 2011-2012

Support of long-range planning policies for Otsego County with emphasis on the Town and City of Oneonta. Support of closer cooperation between the Town and City governments in providing services. Review and Support of the Greater Oneonta Task Force Study especially the recommendation for a joint commission.

Reassessment in the City and Town of Oneonta:

Support for frequent updating in the City and Town of Oneonta of assessed real property values to assure that equity continues. Regular review of tax exempt status and public disclosure of payments in lieu of taxes. Clear communication with property owners and the general public regarding assessment issues.

Support of community involvement in Oneonta schools. Encourage openness between the Oneonta School Board and the community.

Solid Waste

Support for waste reduction, re-use and recycling as the most desirable strategy to combat the problem of solid waste management. Firm opposition to open burning. Support measure intended to expand and facilitate the recycling of such items as tires, batteries and electronics, etc.

Government - City and Town of Oneonta

Assure that there is a public hearing for each proposed ordinance and local law before the Common Council/Town Board takes action. Support of a statutory period for public comment at the beginning of each Common Council/Town Board meeting. Support the prompt and full implementation of the new City Charter."

City of Oneonta Charter:

The Charter should provide for the restoration and ongoing maintenance of equality of representation with regard to City Ward populations. As the core organizational and guiding document of City government, the Charter should clearly describe the structure and processes of City government, and be a useful guide for citizens and officials. Ideally, the Charter should be suitable for use in high school civics classes, rather than be unnecessarily complex and unwieldy.

The Charter should be updated to allow for utilization of electronic communication. There should be clear and consistent descriptions of the roles of all City Officers, Departments, and all government bodies included in the Charter. The Charter should clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor, including his/her role in the hiring of employees, budget preparation and budget management. The Charter should clearly define the duties and responsibilities of the Aldermen. The Charter should clearly define the roles and operating procedures of the Common Council duties. Support the appointment of a trained, experienced, professional City Administrator/Manager.

Government - Otsego County
Support the hiring of a county administrator who has demonstrated the education, training, experience and ability necessary to manage the day-to-day operation of Otsego County government. Support of equitable apportionment of the Otsego County Board of Representatives.

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