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 Our Chapter: Epsilon Xi

The SUNY College at Oneonta fully recognizes 8 sororities and 6 fraternities, including Phi Sigma Sigma.  All recognized Greek Letter Organizations are required by college to participate in on-campus events and procedures.  All of the organizations are supported by the Inter-Greek council.

There are many reasons to join a sorority, but it is a decision that must be carefully considered.  By looking through our website, you will get a better idea of our chapter here at SUNY Oneonta.

SUNY Oneonta has had sororities for over 100 years!

Chapter Advisors

The role of the Faculty Advisor is one that is extremely important to all fraternities and sororities on campus. The faculty advisor serves as a liaison between the members of an organization and members of the faulty and administration for the college. They also promote academic excellence and community service.

SUNY Oneonta Faculty Advisors are full-time professional staff. They come from a a variety of departments on campus. We have faculty advisors that work in Admissions, First Year Experience, Residence Life, and a variety of Academic Departments.

Greek Life Advisor

The roles of the Greek Life Advisor are numerous.  One role is to serve as a liaison between the Greek organizations belonging to the Inter-Greek Council and Campus administration.  The Greek Life Advisor must also serve as preliminary judiciary branch to any organization who breaks any rule outlines in the Code of Rights and Responsibilities for Greek Social Letter Organizations. 

Our greek life advisor is Angie Eichler. You can contact her at eichleac@oneonta.edu.

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